Hudson Entry & Automation provides sales, installation and service of reliable and durable revenue generating access control systems.


Installation and Technology

Hudson Entry & Automation represents a wide range of field-proven equipment which have a reputation for durability and reliability. We specialize in parking systems which are installed and setup to fulfill all requirements for both small scale and large scale parking operators. Hudson provides cost effective systems by using only the highest quality equipment with a history of reliable electronic technology to ensure low operating costs.


Design & Function 

Hudson Entry & Automation also custom designs every aspect of your system to meet the requirements and specifications of any proposed parking install project. The benefit of integrating parking management systems and software is to provide a complete package that can radically improve the control, management and profitability of any parking location. We represent a wide range of manufacturers, suppliers and strategic partners to provide you with the best customized solution tailored to fit your needs and budget.


Parking Revenue Control Process

At Hudson Entry & Automation, we take a strategic approach to all our installation projects to ensure every customer is fully satisfied. Hudson’s corporate culture ensures that we provide value to our customers, our partners and suppliers, and to our people through a hands on process.

  • Step 1 – Client Contact
  • Step 2 – Needs Assessment
  • Step 3 – Site Analysis
  • Step 4 – Installation
  • Step 5 – Quality Check
  • Step 6 – Follow Up
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Quality Partners

Our manufacturing and supplier partners are like minded companies who share the same focus on the same level of quality as Hudson does. These partners have been integral in building a quality reputation that customers of Hudson can rely on.

Our parking revenue control partners provide high quality parts and equipment so that we can provide the best service to our customers. Hudson is always interested in working with companies that share our core values, fit into our market and who will help us grow to become a better company through mutually beneficial relationships.

Visit the websites of our manufacturing suppliers to get a better understanding of the type of quality we strive to bring to our Hudson Entry & Automation customers. ZEAG and DATAPARK represent industry leaders for building parking revenue control systems.